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Vaiva Petrikaitė


  1. J.L. Moraga-González, V. Petrikaitė (2013) "Search Costs, Demand-Side Economies and the Incentives to Merge under Bertrand Competition",  RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 44, 391-424 (WP version)
  2. M. Mulder, V. Petrikaitė, B. Scholtens (2015) "Distributed Energy Generation Techniques and the Competitive Fringe Effect in Electricity Markets",   Resource and Energy Economics,  Vol. 42, 125-140 (WP version)
  3. V. Petrikaitė (2016) "Collusion with Costly Consumer Search"International Journal of Industrial Organization ,  Vol. 44, 1-10 (WP version)

Papers under review and working papers

  1. V. Petrikaitė "Consumer Obfuscation by a Multiproduct Firm"   (revise and resubmit to RAND Journal of Economics) Online appendix
  2. V. Petrikaitė "Price Competition with Costly Product Returns"
  3. M. Haan, J.L. Moraga-González, V. Petrikaitė "Price and Match-Value Advertising with Directed Consumer Search" (revise and resubmit to International Journal of Industrial Organization)
  4. R. Burguet , V. Petrikaitė "Targeted Advertising and Costly Consumer Search" (available upon request)

Work in progress

  1. "Privacy and Changing Tastes in Directed Search"   (with S. Hämäläinen)
Updated: September, 2016