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Vaiva Petrikaitė


  1. J.L. Moraga-González, V. Petrikaitė (2013) "Search Costs, Demand-Side Economies and the Incentives to Merge under Bertrand Competition",  RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 44, 391-424 (WP version)
  2. M. Mulder, V. Petrikaitė, B. Scholtens (2015) "Distributed Energy Generation Techniques and the Competitive Fringe Effect in Electricity Markets",   Resource and Energy Economics,  Vol. 42, 125-140 (WP version)
  3. V. Petrikaitė (2016) "Collusion with Costly Consumer Search"International Journal of Industrial Organization ,  Vol. 44, 1-10 (WP version)

Papers under review and working papers

  1. V. Petrikaitė "Consumer Obfuscation by a Multiproduct Firm"   (revise and resubmit to RAND Journal of Economics), Online appendix
  2. V. Petrikaitė "A Search Model of Costly Product Returns" (accepted by International Journal of Industrial Organization), Online Appendix
  3. M. Haan, J.L. Moraga-González, V. Petrikaitė "A Model of Directed Consumer Search"(revise and resubmit to International Journal of Industrial Organization)
  4. R. Burguet, V. Petrikaitė "Targeted Advertising and Costly Consumer Search" Barcelona GSE Working Paper No 971

Work in progress (Full papers are available upon request)

  1. "Privacy and Changing Tastes in Directed Search"   (with S. Hämäläinen)
  2. "Time-constrained consumer search and price competition with horizontally differentiated products"
Updated: June, 2017